Tarek Hafez AKA Bob From Accounting (bobfraccounting) wrote in delousedcom,
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My Name: Tarek Hafez
Favorite Band: At The Drive-In
Marital Status: Single                                                                                                                                                                Sex: Male
Other Info About Me: Found at Bobfraccounting Profile :)

 I love ATDI and The Mars Volta and believe it or not I do like Sparta. BTW Sparta is coming to SAN ANTONIO!!!YAY!!! and the MARS VOLTA IS COMING TO HOUSTON...can anyone say ROADTRIP!!! hahaha Yes...anyhoo i've been a fan of ATDI since El Grand Orgo, unfortunatly not Acrobatic Tenement...:( but i do own A.T. ha  :p ... anyone here can feel free to add me to their friends list if they want..if not then whatever...also check out my LJ...Profile: Bobfraccounting...i know what you're thinking...and yes i am a loser kid...:(...no im just playing...CYA...

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