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a message from uncle jeremiah

Updates beyond updates:

We've got an *exclusive* interview with Ikey Owens from FREE MORAL AGENTS about his new music, a tad about his involvement in THE MARS VOLTA and his thoughts on his personal saviors of black rock music TV ON THE RADIO. It may not really be exclusive, but, you's still pretty sweet.


In additions, we've got two STELLAR interviews by our own Ben Kirst with Matt Pond, of, who else, matt pond PA and SINGAPORE SLING, an Icelandic band named after a drink.


oh...and we may or may not have some pretty sweet Sonic Youth photos taken by Justin Goetz to sift through...


all and more at Stop by and tell us what you think on the message board...we update weekly.


I'll give you a hint as to next week's big interview: Crimes

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